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Electrical Machine Design Software Packages Buy At Discounted Price - LT Electrical Panel Design

Softbitonline has been into the development of electrical and mechanical machine design software packages for the last 20 years. We have supplied the machine design software packages for HT power transformers, HV distribution transformers, LV or low voltage control transformers, electrical panel board design, electrical panel board estimator, CT design, ERP solution for strore management & inventory management. Manufacturig industries, Engineering colleges, Govt. & Pvt sector industries are using our electrical machine design packages. We also develop customized software packages to design any electrical and mechanical machine as per user requirements. We are a professionally managed company with qualified engineers and experienced developers. Our engineers have a vast practical experience on electrical machine operation to help the development team with technical inputs.

We design electrical machine design software solutions as per client specifications and requirements. With these software solutions you can design HT/LT transformers, ac electric motors, electrical control panel boards, CTs etc.,. easily and instantly. Just key in a few inputs and click processing button. You get detailed design of the machine along with drawings, estimation, costing details. Reports can be generated in MS Word or MS Excel also for easy communication through email.

We are a team of professionals and qualified engineers working on electrical machine design projects like electrical machine design calculation software, electric design software packages. To name a few electrical design and calculation software package are - HT & LT Distribution Transformer Design Calculation Sheets, HV & LV Power  Transformer Design Software Solutions, LV Control Transformers for Servo Transformers, LV control transformer design, LT auxilliary transformer design calculations, Buck Boost Transformers, Auto Transformers, LV Electrical Panel Board Design Software, LV Electrical Panel Board Estimator. These design software packages are very useful for manufacturers and engineering students of technical training institutes.  HT distribution & power transformers can be oil dipped or oil type or oil cooled transformers or it can also be dry type HT distribution or power transformer. You cal design single phase distribution transformer as well as a three phase power transforer. More about single phase pole mount transformers. 

Electrical machine design covers HT Transformer Design & calculations, Electrical machine design package covery LT transformer design & data sheets, Electrical machine design takes care of control transformer design outputs, Electrical machine design finds its utility in LT auxiliary transformer design and development. So Electrical machine design has a very large scope to design and develop HV transformers, LV transformers, LT electric panel boards, Low tension panel boards, LV electric distribution panel boards, Electrical machine design is also has its scope in bus bar design. Wednesday,

With Softbit Electrical machine design solutions you can design single phase pole mount HT transformer for domestic applications. Electrical machine design solution can be used to design HT distribution HT transformers for zone wise power supply. Isolation HT transformers can be easily designed using Softbit Electrical machine design software solution. HT Furnace transformer and welding transformers can be designed and manufactured with Softbit, New Delhi, India Electrical machine design software solution. You can say you can design any type of HT LT and HV LV transformers using Softbit Electrical machine design software solution.

HT Transformer Winding data calculator and get the design parameters instantly. It can design any type of transformer now - be it HT transformer, LT transformer, dry type transformer, oil type transformer, step down transformer, step up transformer, furnace transformer, isolation transformer, control transformer, auxilliary transformer, current transformer, CT, servo transformer design, copper (Cu) winding transformer, aluminium (Al) winding transformer, high voltage transformer, special purpose transformer welding transformer. You get winding data, estimation, temperature rise in transfprmer windings, oil temperature rise, axial forces, radial forces, tank design data, oil quantity calculation, GTP, winding data sheets. So you get every thing online instantly.  

AC electrical machine design covers machine design of HT transformers, LT electrical transformers, LV auxiliary transformers, step up transformers, step down transformers, low voltage high current transformers for welding and furnance applications. high tension transformers are used for energy transmission from one location to other location. Low tension transformers are used in motor applications. There are single phase transformers and three phase transformers. You can design Auto Transformers for electric motor starters. 

Softbit Designs, India allows you to download free our LT electrical panel design software solution. This LT Electrical Panel Design Software Package is all in one solution for electrical panel board designers, consultants and manufacturers.  With LT electrical control panel board design design software you get all the dimensions of the electrical panel board as its General Arrangement (GA) drawing is generated automatically. Size and dimensions of the panel board is calculated from switchgear dimensions and various clearances such as left, right, top and bottom clearance. Weight of various sheet metals compartments is also calculated taking into consideration the gauge (SWG) of MS sheet and size of feeder/chamber. You can insert switchgears and accessories from the built in switchgear & accessory data base library. This LT electrical control panel board design software is very easy to use and user friendly. We provide online training sessions for our valued clients.

Component library of LT electrical panel design software is developed using MS excel sheets. So it is very easy to add, modify switchgear and accessory data in the component library data base. You can create a new library of any company using a very user friendly interface and add all the items related with LV electrical control panel board design software solution. Using the componenet library you can design small domestic DBs or distribution boards for lighting and power applications, PCC or power control centers for commercial buildings and factories, MCC or  motor control center for starting and stopping of ac electric motors and pumps, desk type panels for machinery, feeder pillars for out door installations for street light and sign board applications. Panel builders will find this Softbit, Delhi, India LT electrical control panel board design software very useful and productive. 

In case you want to use same type of components in different panels then you can store the component data in a template file and give it a name depending upon its application like - DOL, Star-Delta, PF Controller. Template is a very useful feature of LT elctrical panel board design software. Wherever you wish to use the saved template data, just load the Template interface, select the required file and copy the data. Paste this data in the feeder where you want to use it. 

Draw electrical schematic circuits with Softbit's Circuit-Pro, an Electrical Circuit Design Software Package. It has built in library of electrical symbols being used to draw electrical circuits electrical panel manufactureres and consultants. You can create your own electrical symbols with electrical symbol creator tool. This symbol creator tool is a built in feature of the electrical circuit draw software tool. Draw different shapes like lines, rectangles, circles, triangles, polygons and insert electrical symbols to design your electrical circuits and schematic circuits. This electrical circuit design tool is a very powerful and helpful tool for electrical panel builders, PLC control panel designers, electrical engineering students.

Softbit Electrical Panel Estimator can be used for LT Electrical Panel Board Design, Electrical Control Panel Design i.e. PLC Control Panel Design. LT Electrical Control Panel Design e.i.,. PLC Automation Panel Design, PLC Control Panel Design. LT Electrical Panel Design Software is best tool to design Motor Control Centers or MCC. Electrical Control Panel Design Software tool provide best environment to design our Power Control Centers or PCC. In our Electrical Panel Design Software you will find features to design your Distribution Boards, Feeder Pillar Panels For Outdoor Installations. Electrical Control Panel Design Software helps you to design your PLC Based Industrial Automation Panels. Softbit has launched the LT Electrical Panel Board Design software to design your variour types of Electrical Control Panels, Electrical Distribution Panels. 21082021

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