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LV Electrical Panel Design Software Package

 Now design your electrical panel boards instantely and get GA Drawings, BOM, Estimation & Costing, Bus Bar Details, Fabrication Drawings, SLD. Comes with integrated  ERP  & Store Management Module (Optional)  
More About The  LV Panel Board Estimator

  1. Add upto a maximum of 10 feeders/chambers per column and upto 10 columns per panel per sheet/Array

  2. The software has inbuilt library of more than 10000 items panel components (Switchgears & Accessories). 20 Component libraries included of top level companies like - L&T, Siemens, ABB, HPL, C&S, Scheinder, AE many more...

  3. Modify component price, discount, manufacturing cost and tax anytime. Add your own libraries.

  4. You can select the component from the library and add to your design.

  5. Just select a component - switchgear or accessory from the library and add to the feeder. Automatic placement of switchgear(s) in the feeder/chamber. Auto-generated and centered accessory door cut-outs

  6. Add multiple switchgears in multi rows in a feeder/chamber

  7. Add multiple accessories in multi rows todesign a contro panel. You get auto generated door cut-out details of allthe accessories.

  8. Still you can edit/modify your design any time - add/remove switchgears & accessories for any change.

  9. Add Riser and Cable Allays in between the columns as required. Set width of riser and cable allay as required and desired.

  10. Add knobs & locks, lifting hooks, louvers, earthing point, name plate. Hide & display as required.

  11. Add top bus bar chamber and bottom bus chambers, add base frame to your panel, if required. Hide/remove anything you wish to.
  12. Auto height synchronization of all the columns with the press of a button.

  13. Modify clearances, size of feeder/chamber any time.

  14. Insert/remove doors, color your panel with desired color

  15. You get an auto generated GA of the panel, BOM, Estimation - Costing Sheet, Bus Bar Details, Fabrication Details, SLD.

  16. Print all above through your printer directly or generate PDFs

  17. Main Bus Bar, Risers and Link size is calculated automatically but still you have the option to choose your desired rating and size of bus bar.

  18. You can modify the design any time, delete a feeder/chamber, move a feeder/chamber up & down, add/remove components any time.

  19. Email your design file to your design department, fabrication department, client for review and approval (they must have software installed at their end)

  20. It has Template facility so that you can save your feeder data for use in the next designs.

    New Additions:
  21. Drawing Tool: This Drawing Tool is a new addition to our LT Electrical Panel Board Design Software. Now you can draw various shapes like rectangle, square, circle, lines, arc etc on the panel doors. You can set the thickness and color of shapes as required.

  22. Text Editor: You can now add text to your LT Electrical Panel Design Software. Edit, delete, add text lines any time. Add  legends and text as required to your design.

  23. Multiple Switchgear: Add multiple switchgears in a  feeder. Place the switchgears in multiple lines in a feeder. You can set gapes between two switchgears, edit their left and top position. This is a very unique feature of the LT Electrical Panel Board Design Software Solution.

  24. Auto Center Align: Now swithchgears and accessorier are placed and aligned inside  a feeder automatically centrally aligned.

  25. Multiple Panel Design Options: Now design your small domestic/commercial DBs, PCC - Power Control Centre, MCC - Motor Control Center, Desktop Panel, Control Panel with LT Electrical Panel Design Software Package.
Various Available Modules
Package Details Pay in
Pay in
1LT Electrical Panel Design Software
Module Code: LVPN05

Single License Cost @ Rs.19,750/- + GST @18%

INR 23305

USD 320
2LT Electrical Panel Design Software with ERP solution
Module Code: ERPPN5

Single License Cost @ Rs.32,500/- + GST @18%

INR 38350

USD 525

We design and develop software packages for all types of electrical machines like LT electrical panel design software package, LV panel designer, Low voltage electrical panel design software, LT electrical panel estimator, electrical panel board calculations, LV panel estimation and costing, LT panel bus bar calculations, Low tension electric panel design & fabrication, electrical circuits for panel boards, electrical bus ducting, we specialize is all sorts of electrical panel design software packages.electrical panel design software packages.

We design electrical machine design software solutions as per client specifications and requirements. With these software solutions you can design HT /LT transformers, ac electric motors, electrical control panel board, CTs etc.,. easily and instantly. Just key in a few inputs and click processing button. You get detailed design of the machine along with drawings, estimation, costing details. Reports can be generated in MS Word or MS Excel also for easy communication through email. Many manufacturers and engineering students of technical institutes are using our design software packages. Here we have explained about our LV electrical control panel design software solution. With our LT electrical control panel design software package you can easily design your electrical power control center and panels. This low lension or LT or LV electrical control panel software has built in component library of switchgears like ACB, MCCB, MCB, COS, Isolator, SFU and accessories like electrical voltmeter, electric voltmeters, current measuring ammeters, frequency meters.

Our electrical control panel design software solution is very powerful tool to design small DBs i.e., domestic LT/LV distribution boards for use in house hold buildings, factories, offices for controlling and switching of lights and fans or low power electric machines and devices.  Our electrical control panel design software solution is very powerful tool to design small DBs i.e., domestic LT/LV distribution boards for use in house hold buildings, factories, offices for controlling and switching of lights and fans or low power electric machines and devices. Electrical panel boards are used in every house hold, industry, commercial buildigs, school and colleges so there is a huge demand of electrcal panel board manufacturers. Our LT/LV electrcal panel board design software tool is a back bone for every panel board designer to design the electrical panel baord within minutes.

LT electrical panel board design has a very vast scope. You need a new LT electrical panel board design for every new location and site. LT electrical panel boards can be designed with Softbit software design package or your can also design LT electrical panel board manually. With Softbitonline LT electrical panel board design software package you can design any type of electric panel in a very short span of time. Once the LT electrical panel board design is over you get all the output reports instantly. You get LT electrical panel board GA or general arrangement drawings, LT electrical panel board estimation & costing sheets, LT electrical panel board bus bar details, LT electrical panel board design SLD. 

LV Estimator Tool is specifically designed for panel builders to design all types of electrical control panel boards such as small DBs or distribution boards, power control centers or PCC, motor control center or MCC. Softbit LT electrical control panel design software is a best tool for all panel board manufacturers to design the control panel boards with in minutes and get output reports instantly. You get detailed bus bar calculations for main top bus bar chamber, riser bus bars as well bus bar links for connecting switchgears to bus bar risers. All the bus bar sizes are calculated automatically based on your inputs and selections. Electrical Panel Design Software - Industrial Power Control (3 phase, 50/60 Hz electrical system, LT electrical panel design software. LT, 3 phase electrical panel and switch board designing is no more a tedious and time consuming job now. Get your electrical panel/switchboard and distribution board designed within minutes. Just drag the required component viz., switchgears, instruments, meters, indicating lamps, fuses & accessories into your work area and let your computer simulator design and do the estimation & costing for you. Calculate the various dimensions of your electrical panel for you. Make changes in size if required, change placement of items to best suit you and again get a new design and dimension. No limit how many times you change the layout and you get the final designs. Simulator takes care of various clearances while you place an item in the template and calculates the final size by taking into consideration these clearances and other factors.

The electrical sysbol library in the LT Electrical Control Panel Board Design Software helps you to draw electric circuits as per your design requirements. You can select required electrical symbols from the embedded library and drag to to the canvas, draw electri lines. You can also create your own electric symbols using the Drawing Tool in LV Electrical Panel Design Software Package. This LT Panel Board Building Software is a 2D package.uesday, 06 April 2021 (April Six, Two Thousand Twenty One) Indian Standard Time  11:58 PM, Phase - II. Phase - III. Our design software packages are well equipped with built in symbol libraries for drawing any type of electrical circuit. Create your own symbols, save the electrical symbols, use these symbols when ever you need

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