Electrical Circuit Design Software
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Electrical Circuit Design Software

Design Schematic Circuits Yourself
Hire Us To Design Your Circuits
Softbit has launched its Circuit-Pro, a software tool to design any type of electrical circuit. Draw phase & neutral lines with or without color. Insert electrical symbols from embedded electrical symbol library.
More About The Electrical Circuit Design

  1. Draw solid, dash lines, shapes like, rectangle, circle, triangle required to make an electrical circuit.
  2. In addition use in-built electrical symbol library to insert accessories like - indicators, meters, push buttons, contactors, PLC, OLR, MCCB, MCB, Switch and many more electrical items.

  3. We provide free and paid symbols to update your electrical symbol library.

  4. Connect the symbols with lines to complete your electrical circuit design.

  5. At the backend automatically an excel file is generated of all the added items like electrical symbols

  6. Add auxiliary contacts for contactors, MCCB, OLR to complete your electrical circuit design.

  7. You can check the properties of each electrical symbol whether its door mount type or base plate type.

  8. This electrical circuit tool has copy paste facility so that you can add same typeof components / electrical symbols in the circuit zone.

  9. Write text with each symbols, if required to describe its functioning. Also write text to give headding to your circuit design, write text notes at the bottom.

  10. Take direct printouts of the electrical circuit by connecting a printer.

  11. With the help of electrical circuit design software you can draw any type of electrical circuit like DOL Starter i.e., Direct On Line Starter, Star Delta Starter, Semi Automatic Starter, Power Factor COrrection Circuit, Incching Circuit, Reversing Circuit.

  12. Our expert team can also help you and design electrical circuits as per your requirements on chargable basis.

  13. You can edit and modify your electrical circuit any time. Add /remove electrical symbols as per the modification required.

  14. You have multiple options to choose from the electrical library. Like indicator catagory has various types of indicators, black & white and colored. Select and insert as per your design requirement.

Electrical Schematic Circuit Design Service
By Our Expert Team
  We provide chargeable service to design electrical circuits as per your requirements. You can contact us for any type of electrical circuit design. Our expert team will design your circuit with their skills and using our most advanced electrical circuit design software - Circuit Pro.

We can design your electrical circuits with 6 to 72 hours depending upon the service you choose viz., Normal Service or Premium Service.

Once your electrcal circuit is ready we will send you the PDF. We entertain maximum 2 revisions/corrections once you receive your first PDF.

These electrical circuits can also be converted into feeder pillars, desktype panels and control panels in auto-panel-draw-mode. So if you need panel design also we can provide you the panel GA drawings, estimation & costing sheets, fabrication drawings, bus bar drawings & details.

All these services are on chargeable basis.
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Various Available Modules
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1Electrical Circuit Design Software
Module Code: CPRoN05

Single License Cost @ Rs.37,500/- + GST @18%

INR 44,250

Hire Us
To Design Your Electrical Circuits
 We can design electrical circuits for you as per your requirements. Our expert team is capable to design any electrical circuit. Just mail us your requiremnets with logics to be applied and we willdo the rest. We wil  design the electrical schematic circuit for you.  

Circuit Pro - Best tool to design your electrical circuits - Electrical Circuit Design Software Solution. Softbit has launched electrical schematic circuit design software tool for electrical consultants, electrical panel builders, electrical control panel manufacturers, electrical engineering students. You can design, draw and print any type of electrical circuit using our electrical circuit design software. Design & draw DOL - Direct On Line Starter Circuit with electrical circuit design software solution. You can draw Star Delta Starter with Softbit - Circuit Pro, An electrical circuit design software package. Draw your power factor improvement circuits using electrical circuit design software package. This has a very powerful tool box which helps you to draw lines, shapes like rectangles, circles, triangles, arc, pie, polygons. Electrical Circuit Design Software Tool has built in electrical symbol library to select and insert the electrical symbols in the circuit. This is not limited here rather you can create your own electrical symbols, mechanical items for use any electrical circuits, SLD, SIngle Line Diagram, Electrical Panel Design, PLC based control Panels, Street Light Control Feeder Pillar Panels. This is a very powerful electrical circuit design software tool.

Designing an electrical circuit with Electrical Circuit Design Software Tool is very simple. Start the software. You see the electrical circuit design canvas and a drawing tool. container. This drawing tool container is a very powerful window with many drawing tools like - lines, rectangles, circles, triangles, pie, arc, text all required to design and draw an schematic electrical circuit. To start draw horizontal lines on top of canvas to represent R-Phase, Y-Phase and B-Phase. This is the begining step to use the Electrical Circuit Design Software. Now you can use the inbuilt electrical symbol library of the Electrical Circuit Design Software Tool to insert the electrical symbols required to design your circuit. Our this Electrical Circuit Design Tool has a very huge electrical symbol library to choose from. Just select a catagory and then choose the required symbol from the combobox and press Insert button. You can see the selected symbol drawn on the top right side of the canvas with a yellow circle at the back. This is how you can insert and use ready made electrical symbols to design & draw your electrical circuits using Electrical Circuit Design Software Tool. Insert more electrical symbols as required by your design, drag the symbols on the canvas with the help of mouse. You can also move the electrical symbols and shapes through arrow keys. Once you place the electrical symbols and shape to the designated position press "Accept" button to release the selection function of the electrical symbol and shape.

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