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Automatic Power Factor Controller Panel
Power Factor Correction Panel

 Power Factor at which a machine is working plays an important role in the working performance of the machine. Lower the power factor better is the working and performance of a machine.

Connect your machine through a central server and control in through a mobile and website as required. We have done many such projects in food industry, solar power, water management and machine automation.

We have  highly experienced and professional team to undertake industrial machine automation software development work. We develop hardware as well as software for your industrial automation and machine automation.

How we can help you. We can assist you the following way:
1 -  We can design and develop hardware for your machine automation
2 - We can develop computer program for the hardware to operate the machine in fully automatic way
3 - We can provide you RTUs (Remote Terminal Units) along with server application and web based monitoring tools for remote operation of your machines

Industrial machine automation is the need of hour. It helps in increased production and assigned targets, quality improvement and hence more client satisfaction. So you can approach us with your Industrial Machine Automation requirement and we will provide you the best solution in terms of hardware and related software. We have inhouse experienced and qualified team to work for you.

We can develop for you any Industrial Machine Automation Software and supported hardware. This hardware will communicate with the software on local level and from a remote location also. This we you can access your machine locally and remotely with Industrial Machine Automation Software.

We can design complete production line machinery with fully automatic operation, monitoring and control.
One can activate SMS alert for lower and higher values of the parameters. A total of 5 mobile numbers can be saved in the phone book. SMS alerts are sent to all the saved mobile numbers. You can also send a request from a registered mobile number to get back a data string from the data logger or RTU. 31052023