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Automatic Power Factor Controller Panel
Power Factor Correction Panel

APFC Panel Design
KVAR Calculation For APFC Panel
Capacitor Selection For APFC Panel Design

 Power Factor:
Power factor can be defined as the ratio of working power that is measured in kilowatts to apparaent power measured in kilovolt-ampere.

Power Factor at which a machine is working plays an important role in the working performance of the machine. Lower the power factor better is the working and performance of a machine. Same way a higher value of power factor affects the performance of the machine by drawing more current, over heating of conductors and machine thereby resuting in the weakening of insulation and burning the machine. Higher current due to higher value of power factor also affcts the user with higher electricity bills, penalties etc.,.

So machines must be operated within prescribed (0.80 to 0.99) value of power factor (PF) by the manufactures for safe working of machines and reasonable billing by power companies.

To control the power factor of a machine we can use capacitors of capacitor banks depending upon the capacity and number of machines running at a time. These capacitor can be connected permanently with the machine (Electric Motors mainly or inductive loads). But permanently connected capacitos can also harm the machine with over charging of the capacitors. So we can use the automatic system to connect and disconnect the capacitors in the electrical system as per the need.

APFC Relay:
APFC relays is used to detect the value of power factor and send command to the associated contactors/relays to switch on/off to connect/disconnect the capacitors in the circuit to maintain the pre defined value of power factor.

APFC Panel:
APFC panel have all the components like APFC relays (single step or multiple step), switches like MCB, MCCB or ACB, contactors, indicators, push buttons, capacitors, associted wiring and busbars. In the apfc panel the apfc relay detects the value of power factor at a given time and calculates the value of KVAR required and capacitor required to improve the low power factor value to the target power factor value. On getting command from apfc relay the contactor(s) come into action and connect the required KVAR in the form of capacitors to improve the factor value of the system. So KVAR Calculations are required for APFC Panel Design. This way capacitor selection for APFC Panel Design is made easy.

APFC Panel Design Software:
We have developed a software - LT Panel Estimator or LT Electrical Panel Design Software which can design your APFC Panels within minutes. It automatically calculates the KVAR rating required to improve the value of power factor from current value to target value, generates GA drawing, SLD, BOM, Estimation Cost, Busbar Weight & Costing, MS sheet weight & costing. More about the software...

APFC Panel Design in Auto-Mode. KVAR Calculations are done automatically.

Auto Generated Power & Control Circuit for APFC Panel
with 4 Step APFC Relay
APFC Panel Design Made Easy


1 LT Electrical Panel Design Software
Approx. Cost @ USD 300 per licese
Single License @ Rs.19,750/- + GST @18%  (Rs.23,305/-)
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Use of APFC Panel: In industries different type of loads are connected with the main supply. The load may be capacitive, resistive and inductive. Electric motors add to the inductive loads and there are a lot of electric motors in an industry. These ac electric motors are main cause of low power factor in the electrical system. So we need a system to improve the power factor. Industrial APFC Panel is the best solution for improving the power factor of any electrical system. AFPC Panel Design plays a very important role in improving the low power factor and maintaining it at required level. So APFC Panel Design Software is best tool to design APFC Panels for any industry and commercial establishment. A well calculated KVAR value for APFC Panel Design is the back bone of any APFC Panel.  

For designing any APFC panel we must know the load (in kW or KVA) for which the APFC panel is to be designed. Then we need the value of current PF and target PF. Using these parameters we calculate the KVAR rating of capacitor required to improve the PF value. Once the total KVAR is calculated we need a APFC relay for inserting the capacitor bank in the circuit in steps. You can also say APFC relay connects the capacitors in steps to the circuit to attain the required target PF. Softbitonline has developed a software i.e., LT Electrical Panel Design Software to design APFC panels. ALl the KVAR calculations are done by the software itself and panel in designed in minutes.

KVAR calculation for APFC Panel design is a must parameter. KVAR calculation also helps in selection of capacitors for APFC panel design. Softbitonline software tool - LT Electrical Panel Design Software is very much useful for automatic calculations of KVAR for APFC panel design and selection of capacitors for APFC panel design. Every electrical panel builder, panel board manufacturer, electrical design engineer must use this software i.e., LT Electrical Panel Design Software for APFC Panel Design and KVAR Calculations for APFC Panel Design.

You can use any make APFC Relay with 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16 steps. KVAR calculations for APFC Panel Design are done automatically by the software. This helps you in selecting the capacitors for capacitor bank. You can also insert vertical and horizontal busbars in the APFC panel for connecting the capacitor bank with the main busbar. APFC Panel Design is made very simple a fast with LT Electrical Panel Design Software.

APFC Panel Design module generates the GA drawing as well power and control circuit for APFC Panel. This helps the wiring person to easily complete the power and control wiring. It generates a basic circuite of APFC Panel. Additions like push buttons for manual operation, if required can be added as per requirement in the circuit. As KVAR calculations are done by the software for each step so it also displays the total stems and KVAR load or capacitors to be connected with each step. LT Electrical Panel Design Software makkes APFC Panel Design fast, very easy and simple. KVAR calculations for APFC panel makes it more helpful for design engineers. APFC Panel Design or Automatic Power Factor Correction Panel has an APFC relay which is the main component of the APFC panel design and helps in KVAR Calculations for an APFC Panel Design. This APFC relay measures the current power factor and compares itwith target power factor then by  using the total load in KW or KVA it calculates the KVAR Required for APFC Panel Design. 

How to calculate KVAR for capacitors required for APFC Panel Design. We need total load of main panel for which an APFC Panel is required. The load value can be entered in KW or in KVA. APFC Panel Design Software do the calculations as per the load entered. Then we need the current value of power factor or PF at which load is running. Then we need target power factor value or PF at which the load has to run. After this we need to slect a APFC Relay with required steps to change the power factor or PF value. Once the relay is selected we need to set KVAR value for each step. The value for each step is selected in such a way that sum of KVAR values of all the steps is equal to the total KVAR value required for the main panel. Once all these parmeters and values are set the software processes for finding out suitable components required for the APFC Panel Design and manufacture.

8 compartments • More number of knockouts • IP42 & IK09 • Supplied with wire-set • With provision for DPX³ 160 MCCB as incomer DP MCB/Isolator/RCCB/RCBO as sub incomers and SP MCB’s as outgoing.  Self-extinguishing: resistance to incandescent wire 650 °C Conform to EN 60439-3 Weatherproof cabinets . 21042024

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