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RS485 Communication
GPRS/GSM Enabled Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring of Electrical Energy With RS485 Communication, Wireless Remote Monitoring of Water Flow Meter, GPRS/GSM Based Remote Water Management, Remote Monitoring Unit - RTU For Energy Meters, Water Flow Meters, Domesting Gas Meters, Industrial Gas Meter, Fuel Gas Meter, Web Based Electrical Energy Monitoring, Online Web Base Water Flow Meter Access, Solar Water Pumps, Solar Inverters, Solar Power, Solar Street Lights

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Its easy to keep a watch and control over remotely installed electrical energy meters, water flow meters, gas meters, fuel meters, solar panels, solar water pumps, solar streel lights, solar inverters, solar Farms, Wind Mill Generators. Connect any field instrument having RS485 Com-Port with Softbit MODBUS RTU and monitor its live data on web interface from your control room

GPRS/GSM Based Remote Monitoring
RS485 Comuunication Web Base Monitoring

Modbus RTU

Local Monitoring
Modbus RTU is an electronic device which can be connected with any field instrument such as electrical energy meters, water flow meters, gas meters, fuel meters to monitoring and storing the data directly into the computer. The MODBUS RTU is connected with the field instrument through RS485 or MODBUS Protocol and its connected with the PC with RS232 cable. This is local level monitoring of data where field instrument and the Modbus RTU are installed.

GPRS/GSM Enabled Wireless Remote Monitoring
In case the MODBUS RTU is fitted with a GPRS/GSM circuit & SIM then the data of field instrument can be monitored remotely on a central control room PC. This is call Online Wireless Remote monitoring of field instruments. You need a web interface configured to receive data from the central server and to display it live.

Data can be stored on the remote server also to generate daily reports for review and analysis.

You can connect one MODBUS RTU with each field instrument/device from which data is to be monitored and stored on remote & central server. Data of all the remote devices/instruments can be monitored on one interface or in one account or multipe individual accounts. Just click upon the remote device ID and data is displayed i tabular form. This data is refreshed every one minute. You can also see live graphical trends of the data, excel reports. This is wireless remote monitoring of data where field instrument and Modbus RTU are installe at remote location and date is being received at remote central server room for global access of device data.

The Modbus RTU can be used to monitor energy meters, water flow meters, gas meters, temperature, humidity, pressure, water quality, visitor counter, solar VFDs, solar Inverters, liquid dispensers, weighing machines. Technically any device or field instrument with RS485 communication port can be connected with this Modbus RTU. As this Modbus RTU is GPRS/GSM enabled so you can monitor the data remotely from anywhere in the world. We provide you a web interface and and your unique login details to monitor the data.


Monitor Remote Instruments
You need to connect your remote instruments or devices having a RS485 com-port with the Modbus RTU. Instert a GPRS enabled 2G/3G/4G SIM card in the SIM slot. Connect Modbus RTU with a 12VDC @ 2A. DC supply to Modbus RTU must be off while inserting or removing the SIM. Red LED glows if the DC supply is OK. The Modbus RTU takes 3 - 5 minutes time to initialize and to connect to our New Delhi based central server. Initializtion time of Modbus RTU depends upon the network signals. You can connect energy meters, MF meters, water flow meter, gas meter, solar VFD, solar Inverter, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, water quality sensors, vibration sensors. Take care the field device/instruments/meter must have a RS485 com-port to connect with the Modbus RTU. Once the connectivity with the central server is made and the field instrument/device is working OK, the Modbus RTU start sending data strings to central server at every 60 second interval.

Central Server
Softbit has installed a public secured central server at New Delhi with dedicated internet broadbad lines. This server works around the clock to receivce data strings from all around the globe and store the data in the data bases for report generation, review and analysis later on. Live data is also made available to users from this central server.

In case user is interested to direct the field data from devices and instruments to their own dedicated server then they need to install their own private server with  server application compatible with our Modbus RTU. We can provide the data string protocols if required.

Web Interface - Online Live Data
We have developed a web interface for Wireless Remote Data monitoring through Modbus RTU. Every client/user gets personal login credentials to login into his/her online web account. All the units ne/she buys are allotted to his/her personal account. This enables him/her to access live data of all the remotely installed devices in one account. Just click upon the specific remote device ID and you e can see the live data in tabular form. You can see the location of the remote unit is your SIM card service provider has enebled the SIM with location co ordinates data. You can also view live graphical trends. Generate daily reports in MS Excel.

So this is how the Wireless Remote Monitoring System works using a Modbus RTU.
Web Based Live Monitoring Remote Device Location MS Excel Report


Technical Specification
Supply : 12VDC/24VDC @ 2A
Power Consumption : Less Than 50mA And 200mA While Transmitting Live Data
Monitor : Energy Meters/Flow Meters/Soar VFDs
Digital Input : 1 (Optional & Paid)
Analog Input : 1 (Optional & Paid)
Switching : 1 (Optional & Paid)
Modem : Quand Band
Local Storage : SD Card Slot (16GB)
Alerts : SMS (Optional)
Live Data : On Web Based Interface
Daily Report : Generate Daily Report on MS Excel
Note: Specifications are subject to change for improvement without notice.
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Various Available Modules

Package Details Pay in
Pay in
Module Code: RTU485

Single Card Cost @ Rs.2,950/- + GST @18%

INR 3481 (USD 50)
Inclusive of Tax & Courier Charges Within India

2 GPRS/GSM Enabled MODBUS RTU With Memory Card Slot
Module Code: RTU485M

Single Card Cost @ Rs.3,250/- + GST @18%

INR 3835 (USD 55)
Inclusive of Tax & Courier Charges Within India

Note: SIM Card, Memory Card, Power Supply are not the part of supply

We design and develop customizes remote monitoring systems as per client requirements and specifications. Our GPRS/GSM enabled Wireless Remote Monitoring RTUs find applicatios in Solar Water Pump Monitoring, Energy Monitoring, Water Flow Monitoring, Remote Water Management, Temperature Monitoring, Pressure Monitoring, Water Quality Monitoring like pH value monitoring, Machine Vibration Monitoring, Sound Level Monitoring. Wireless Modbus RTUs are designed and developed in house by Softbit Team. 

We also manufacture GPRS/GSM RTUs with built in memory slot. You can insert a SD card for storing the data on memory card. This will help you to get all data in case there is a network issue because data is being saved on the memory card continuously. You can download the data on a SIM card reader easily. At sensitive locations where maintain a data record a necessity this SD card slot is very helpful. Solar water pump suppliers, power distribution companies etc.,.are now a days going for this facility for storing the data on local level in the RTU. You can use 36GB or more SD card for data storage. Wireless Modbus RTUs are manufactured by Softbit Team.

We at Softbit are capable of designing Wireless Modbus RTUs  as per your specifications. Just share your technical details and application and we will come up with a Wireless Modbus RTU. Our qualified and experienced engineering team is our core strength. With the technical team support we can design any type of Wireless Modbus RTU. You can monitor live data of any fieldinstrument with Wireless Modbus RTU. This Wirless ModbusRTU is GSM/GPRS enabled and can transmit the field data globally to a central control room server. With our web based SCADA application you can monitor the live data, generate reports. Wireless Modbus RTU is a micro-processor based device having on board memory card, GSm/GPRS module, power supply, LCD display (optional), remote switching (optional).

Wireless Modbus RTU has three major section from data transmission to remote receiving and monitoring. A RTU to be installed with a field instrument like energy meter, water flow meter, weather monitoring system. This section transmit required parameters to a remote server through GSM/GPRS communication. Then a SCADA application installed on the remote server receives the data and make it available for live monitoring and control as per the case. User can view live data through a web interface after logging into the web account. One can generate the daily reports, view field instrument location (conditions apply) on Google Map. Wireless Modbus RTU is multiple application device.

Wireless Modbus RTU is also used for solar applications. Its Remote Monitoring System or RMS for solar water pump data capture and monitoring. Data stored on a central server gives details about the total water pumped by solar water pump, how many hours it has worked in a day, how lond it was non operational, water head, solar dc voltage generated by the Pv panel, total energy in kWH generated by the solar system there by saving carbon foot prints. This report also help the monitoring agency in anylysing a fault and deputing a technicial at site to repair the GSM/GPRS enabled Remote Monitoring System and solar water pump. So Wireless Modbus RTU has applications in the field of solar water pumping.

GSM/GPRS RMS, Remote Monitoring System For Solar Inverters. You can monitor online solar inverters froma remote central control room by installing GSM/GPRS RMS, Remote Monitoring System. This GSM/GPRS RMS, Remote Monitoring System in instaled along with the solar inverter in the field. A GSM/GPRS enabled SIM card in installedin the RMS, Remote Monitoring System for transmitting solar inverter data to a remote computer installed at a central location. Electrical parameters such as solar inverter voltage, current, power, energy generated by the solar inverter, AC frequency, running hours of the solar inverter etc.,. are sent to the central server computer for live monitroing, report generation and analysis.

A web based interface can be developed for live monitoring of data received through central server. You can generate daily reports, view location of remotely installed RMS, Live graphical trends of data. If the control feaure is enabled in the GSM/GPRS enabled RMS then you can do the switching operations also. So one can view lived data and control the remtely installed solar pump or solar inverter. This way a GSM/GPRS RMS, Remote Monitoring System works.

A GPRS enabled gateway is used for transmission and reception of data between  GSM/GPRS RMS, Remote Monitoring Systems for Solar Water Pumps and solar inverters. This GPRS gateway receves data from the field solar pump controller through Wireless Modbus RTU. Data is processed inside the microprocessor and sent to air in small data packets through GPRS technology. This data is travels to target server computer via assigned staic IP address over the internet. Once detected the static IP receives the data packet and sends it to the respective port for further processing and storage. Once the data is decoded and stored in tabular form its ready for live monitoring and report generation.

Govt agencies are giving subsidy to farmers for installing solar water pumps. So the farmers can contact concerned authorities for getting the subsidy and installing the solar water pump in their fields. These solar water pumps are being continuously monitored by a nodel agency for the perfect operation os solar water pumps. These pumps have controllers fitted with a GSM/GPRS RMS, Remote Monitoring System. This GSM/GPRS RMS, Remote Monitoring System is connected with a centarl server so that regular data is received from the solar water pump and solar controller from the field. This way a record is being maintained for how much water in pumped out, how long the solar water pump was operaional and how long it did not work.

Many corporate house are providing subsidy under CSR  for installing solar inverters fitted with GSM/GPRS enabled Remote Monitoring Systems and RTUs. This GSM/GPRS RTU provide field data of installed solar inverter for checking and analysis. The company comes to know the actual working hours of the solar inverter, how much electrical energy it has generated, how much foot prints are saved to control the ait polution. This way WIreless Modbus RTUs are playing a major role in the industry for data collections of filed instruments such as solar water pumps, solar inverters. We should aso install solar inverters in our homes to harness solar energy and save on electricity bills.

We can connect a GSM/GPRS enabled Wireless MODBUS RTU/RMS with industrial water flow meter. Water volume flowing through the flow meter can be recorded in the central controlroom. This helps in reviewing the flow rate of water, total water dispensed through water flow meter. One can generate daiy reports, glow charts etc.,. with the data stored on the central server. This is possible using Softbitonline GSM/GPRS enabled wireless Modbus RTU.  A special web based interface is designed for Birla Cement Plane for complete water management. GSM/GPRS enabled Wireless MODBUS RTUs are installed al different locations for measurement of water flow and total water consumbtion in that particular zone. Data of all the water flow meters is being sent at Softbit Central Server installed at New Delhi, India. Live monitoring is done by Birla Engineers within the plant and daily reporta are generated for review,analysis and taking necessary remedial action whereever necessary. The field water flow meter is connected with the GSM/GPRS enabled Wireless MODBUS RTU/RMS through hard wires to send data through Modbus protocols. The location co ordinates are sent through GPRS SIM Card. These co ordinates are decoded at the server and and final location of the water flow meter can be checked. So you can check the location of all the installed water flow meter through GSM/GPRS enabled Wireless MODBUS RTU/RMS.

GSM/GPRS enabled Wireless MODBUS RTU can also be used as Remote Monitoring System or RMS for Solar Applications such as remote monitoring of solar water pumps, remote monitoring of solar inverters, remote monitoring of solar street lights, remote monitoring of solar power plants etc.,. In case of remote monitoring of solar water pumps the RMS is connected with the solar VFD to capture data through MODBUS communication via RS485 port. The captured data such as frequency, ac voltage, load current, power, kWH generated etc.,. is transmitted to Softbitonline remote central sevre installed at New Delhi, India. This data is then decoded and used for live monitoring of solar water pumps, solar inverters, solar street lights. Data is also used for daily, weekly report generation. This way we can use Wireless MODBUS RTU as GSM/GPRS enabled Remote Monitoring System or RMS for solar water pumps, solar inverters and solar street lights. Users are given options to select date of report start and date upto which report is required. A calander is provided for start and end date selection. Once selected the report for selected time period is displaced on a web page showing all the set parameters of the filed instrument. This report then can be exported to an excel sheet for sending the same to concerned departments for review and analysis. Softbit manufactured GSM/GPRS Wireless Remote Monitoring Systems or RMS for solar water pumps and solar inverters has many built in features. Features like storage of data on  SD card. SD card may be 8MB or 16MB or 32MB, LCD display for local data monitoring on site, timer to stamp the data string, USB port for configuration & data download (optional feature), analog input for connecting a desired sensor with 0 - 5 V output or 4 -20 mA  output, digital input for connecting a sensor with pulse output, digital output in shape of a micro  relay for controlling the connected device/field instruments. So Wireless GSM/GPRS enabled MODBUS RTU has many inbuilt fetaures to suit your requirements.

We provide SCADA application for sending control commands from control room to remote RTU in the field. By pressing a switch in the SCADA applcation the remote unit can change the state of a connected device like electric motor or lamp from on to off or off to on. Similarly, analog  signals (optional) can also be sent to the remote unit to control the speed of otor or intensity of light or flow of water through a water flow meter. This way the GSM/GPRS enabled RTU/RMS can be used for controlling the devices connected with the field devices.  SCADA application works on TCP/IP protocols. It receives signals or data strings or command strings on through a static IP on a specified port number. This staic IP and server port number are embedded in the RTU/ RMS during the process of configuration and loading of code/program. All Softbit GSM/GPRS enabled RTUs/RMSs are configured for TCP/IP protocol to communicate with the SCADA application.  Each GSM/GPRS enabled MODBUS RTU is assigned a unique ID at the time of manufacturing and programming in the factory. So the data strings received at server end are seperated on the basis of unique IDs and corresponding data is strored for each RTU with its respective unique ID. Data is stored in MS Access tables This data is then used for live monitoring and report generation.

This data is then pulled by a web based SCADA for remote monitoring of the distant machine and plant. We can monitor all the electrical parameters of the machine for its performance and thus to check the productivity of the plant.  Any abnoramal value can be detected and compared with the saved value to find the deviation and problem in the remote system. This helps in provoding instant service at remote site by sending a technician with required material. Control room supervisor can also check the remote RTU is healthy or not. And if found defective he can depute someone to replace the field RTU. All this is possible with the help of GSM/GPRS enabled RTU/RS or Wireless MODBUS RTU.

A GSM/GPRS Wireless RTU/RMS is an electronic circuit having a microcontroller, capacitors, resistances, ICs and a PCB to mount all thes components. The power supply for this may be assembled on the PCB itself or external type depending upon the application. The microcontroller of the device is the heart of the GSM/GPRS Wireless RTU/RMS. A pre writted code in C language is downloaded in the microcontroller which gives instructions to input and output ports of the controller to perform specifc functions. These ports in turn send commands to the peripheral devices such as relays, LEDs, temperature sensors, humididity sensors or any other sensor to send and receive dats. The program of the controller can be updated externally, if required. This updated code is then downloaded in the micro-controller using a cable and physically connecting the controller through a USB cable. On air downloading can also be done in advanced controllers is designed so. WIFi/GSM/GPRS enabled RTU & RMS for remote data monitoring of field instruments like energy meters, water flow meters, solar water pumps, solar inverters, power battery banks. Live data can be monitored on a web based SCADA interface. Generate daily reports.  Data travels from field device to a central server through internet.       

There are different ways a GPRS /GSM RTU can fetch data from a field instrument of sensor or transducer. An RTU can have 0-5 input or 4-20mA input or RS232 input or RS485 (MODBUS Protocol)  input to fetch data from the field instrument and to send it to a remote server for further processing.
 GSM Based PLC Interface For Pump House Monitoring. GSM Based PLC Interface For Water Pumps. GSM Based PLC Interface For Factory Automation. GSM Based PLC Interface For Process Automation. GSM Based PLC Interface For Plant Monitoring.GSM Based PLC Interface For remote energy monitoring. GSM Based PLC Interface For field data capture. GSM Based PLC Interface For Water Flow Meter.1

GPRS enabled PLC inteface for temperature data capture. GPRS enabled PLC inteface for humidity data capture. GPRS enabled PLC inteface for remote power management.  GPRS enabled PLC inteface for wireless data acquisition.  GPRS enabled PLC inteface for field data monitoring of power transformers and vaccum breakers.  GPRS enabled PLC inteface for wireless power line monitoring and control. RS485 Interface for PLC for remote data capture. RS485 Interface for PLC for wireless energy monitoring.  RS485 Interface for PLC  for remote energy management of industrial and commercial units.  RS485 Interface for PLC for temperature monitoring. Use  RS485 Interface for PLC for humidity data monitoring from remote locations. Receive remote field data through  RS485 Interface for PLC.

Modbus Communication For PLCs to capture remote data for monitoring in central control room. We can easily monitor distant energy parameters through web interface by installing a Modbus Communication For PLC. Wireless Modbus Communication For PLC is best solution for monitoring remote and live data. Modbus Communication For PLC can be instaled with RS485 port. Modbus Communication For PLC use GSM/GPRS enabled RTU for data transmission. Wireless RS485 Communication for all types of field devices for remote data capture. Wireless RS485 Communication for PLC for energy monitoring. Wireless RS485 Communication for PLCs for plant and process automation in industries.Wireless RS485 Communication inteface for data transfer between field devices and central control room server. Wireless RS485 Communication for temperature,humidity and environmetal parameter capture and monitoring.

With a collective experience and expertise in the field of energy and building management, our mission is to contribute significantly to the world by helping people manage energy efficiently, reduce their wastages, and drive sustainability . 23072024

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