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Online Tutorial Videos For Engineering Students
Engineering Tutorial Videos For Students
Electrical Machine Design Software

Online Training For Engineering Students

 Electrical Machines:
Electric Generators, Electric Motors & Transformers are broad catagories of electrical machine which are used everywhere in domestic, commercial and industrial applications on daily basis. These two machines can further have many sub catagories like:

Electric Generators are of two types - AC Generator and DC Generators. Thereafter ac generators can be low frequency and high frequency.

Electric motors have ac electric motors, dc electric motors, ac squirrel cage electric moTransformers have LT transformers, HT transformers, current transformers, inductor transformers, rectifier transformers, step down transformers, step up transformers, auto transformers. Same way there are many other types of transformer derived from their applications in the industries.

Selection of Electric Machines:
Thers are many factors which decides the selection of an electric machine for an application. Like duty cycle - continuous or interminent, power factor, efficiency, system voltage, altitude, ambient temperature, number of phases etc.,.

Design of Electrical Machines:
Depending upon the application and other operating parameters we can design the machine to best suit our application. Designing of electrical machines can be done manual & conventional method. Softbit has developed software tools to design different types of electrical machines. With these electrical machine design software tools we can design our electrical machine very fast and can compare various design outputs for best performance.

Softbit Electrical Machine Design Software Tools:
We have designed many electrical design software tools for electrical egineering colleges, technical institutes, technical training centers, engineering students, electrical consultants, manufacturers, design engineers. We have also launched & uploaded various tutorial & training videos on YouTube for lerning to use these software tools.

To name a few we have tutorail videos on hove to use our software tools:  - LT Electrical Panel Board Design Software
- APFC Panel Design Software
- Electrical Circuit Design Software
- LT Control Transformer Design Software
- HT Transformer Design Software

Engineering Tutorials Videos For Electrical Students:
Softbitonline has developed electrical engineering videos for students, techical institutes and colleges. Each engineering videos is designed and developed on a single industrial machine. As we are develoing and selling electrical machine design software tools so accoringly we are also uploading tutorial videos on same. This helps the electrical engineerings, college students to know the working of each software. Not only one but many videos are uploaded on a single software explaining various functions of the software. You also learn about the design and working of the electrical machine.

Online Training For Engineering Students:
As Softbitonline has a range of electrical machine design software tools so electrical engineering students and mechanical engineering students can watch our online engineering tutorial videos for learning electrical machine design such as HT Transformers Design, LT Transformer Design, AC Electric Motor Design, LT Electrical Panel Board Design, CT Design and many more.

Learn & Earn Watching Engineering Tutorial Videos:
Electrical engineerings, engineering students can watch the engineering tutoral videos on various electrical machines. This will help them in learning about the operation of a software tool. Once you are well familiar with the  software tool you can use your skills to earn. You can earn by giving training to others on how to use the engineering softwares tools developed by Softbit. You can start designing the electrical machines for manufacturers and sell then the designs.
LT Control Transformer Design Software
APFC Panel Design in Auto-Mode. KVAR Calculations are done automatically.

1 LT Electrical Panel Design Software
Approx. Cost @ USD 300 per licese
Single License @ Rs.19,750/- + GST @18%  (Rs.23,305/-)
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       We at Softbit Design are working hard to bring more videos on electrical machine design for electrical engineering students, engineering colleges, technical institutes, technical training centers, electrical design engineers. Videos on how to use the software tools are also being uploaded on YouTube for your easy understanding. Please let us know if you want to suggest for a video on particular machine or topic.

Electrical Machine Design Tutorials Videos are very much helpful for all engineering students, technical institutes, industrial training centers, electrical consulatnts, electrical design engineers and electrical machine manufactureres. These Electrical Machine Design Tutorials Videos explains the working of software tool like how to use the electrical machine design software to design electrical machine.

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