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AC Electric Motor Design
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AC Electric Motor Design Software
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Design LT AC electric motors with our motor design software tool. You cann design single phase as well three phase motors. Different modules are available as per your design requirements. Best design tool for  ac motor manufacturers, electrical consultants, motor rewinders and repairers, electrical engineering students. Enter the input values and get detailed design data sheets instantly.

More About The  AC Electric Motor Design Software

Electric motors are life line of any industry and modern houses. You can can not imagine life with an electric motor. Specially AC electric motors are more common in daily life are frequently used for many applications in industries and homes. In industries all the production line machines use ac/dc electric motors to move the processing from raw material to finished product. In household also we use washing machines, mixi, fridge, fans, airconditioner microwave oven etc.,. all these use ac electric motors. So there is wide scope of ac electric motors to manufacture. 

Working: AC electric motor works on the principle of electro magnetic induction. In a simple ac electri motor we give ac supply voltage to its stator winding. Due to alternating current and electromagnetic induction low value emf is induced in the rotor winding (rotor cage in squirrel case motors) of the motor. These cages are short-circuited at the ends and a current starts flowing in the rotor winding.
Applications: AC Electric motors find applicationsin every aspect of life. Be it a hope or a office or a food point or a commercial building or a industry, you need ac electric motor every where today. Common applications and uses of AC Electric motors are in refrigerators, air conditioners, refrigerators, mixies, water pump, vacuum cleaner, water dispencer, heat blower, grinders, drill machines, lath machine, productions line in manufacturing industries. You find ac electric motors everywhere. So need a reliable AC Electric Motor Design Software to design and manufacture an ac electric motor which works smoothly, draws minimum possible current with reduced losses, noise free.

Design: In broder way ac electric motors can be catagorized in two catagories viz., - Squirrel Cage AC Electric Motor or Sq. Cage AC Electric Motor and Slippring AC Motor. In squirrel cage induction motor the rotor of the ac electric motor is wound with copper and brass srips or bars - round or square or flate. The ends of these bars are permanently short circuited with end ring and brazed properly. Very high current flows at the start of squirrel cage ac electric motors. Squirrel cage ac motors can be single phase type or three phase type. In case of slipring type ac electric motors the rotor of the motor is wound with cooper wires with pre formed coils. The end leads of these coils are connected to make it a 2 pole, 4 pole, 6 pole, 8 poe and so and as per the stator connections. The rewinding of these slipring motors is easy as old and defective coils can easily be removed and new coils inserted. The starting current of slipring motors is controlled with the help of different types of starters. The slipring motors are generally three phase. 

For heavy and big applications generally slipring motors are used as we can control the starting high in rush of currents in stator and rotor windings with the help of starters. This we the motors start and accelerate smoothly from low speed to full speed. Commonly used starters are - DOL or Direct online starter, semi automatic starter, fully automatic starter, auto transformer starter, liquid/water type starters. In latest developments, AC drives are also being used in place of starters to control the starting and currents and speeds of AC electric motors.


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We design and develop software packages for all types of electrical machines like LT AC Electric Squirrel Cage Motors, HT Transformers, LT Transformers, LT Electrical Panels, Current Transformers and customized software solutions for electrical machine design. You can contact us is you want a specific software package is to be developed for you.
We design electrical machine design software solutions as  per client specifications and requirements. With these software solutions you can design HT /LT transformers, ac electric motors, electrical control panels, CTs etc.,. easily and instantly. Just key in a few inputs and click processing button. You get detailed design of the machine along with drawings, estimation, costing details.

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