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PLC Control Panel Design Software
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Softbit Designs, New Delhi, India has launched a very powerful PLC Control Panel Design Software Tool to design PLC base control panels, PLC based power factor control panels, PLC type power factor improvement control panels, MCC, Motor Control Centers for Water Management, Power Control Centres for Power Management, Feeder Pillar For Outdoor Lighting, Street Light Control, Feeder Pillars For Outdoor installations, Feeder Pillars for
 outdoor power distribution, Feeder Pillar Panels for Solar Systems, Desktype Panels for machine control in industries, factories.

The PLC control panel design software generates General Arrangement - GA drawings, Estimation Sheets, Costing Detail Sheets, Bill of Materials - BOM, Bill of Quantity - BOQ, it generates dimensional and facbrication drawings of the panel, bus bar calculations, top busbar chamber, bottom busbar chamber, Draw Columns & add feeders and chambers, draw cable allay, bus bar risers. Electrical Panel Design Tool comes with built in (Optional) electrical Circuit Design Tool to draw any type of electrical schematic circuits, SLD - Single Line Diagram.

PLC Control Panels or PLC Automation Panel Boards are required for industrial automation, process automation, machine automation. There are PLCs available in the market with a variety of I/Os and other features. So many big brands are manufacturing PLCs for PLC Based Control Panels. We can use PLC Control Panel for water management in water treatment plants, street light autmation, mast light automation, industrial machine automation, process automation. We can connect various inputs to PLC for processing and generating logical commands to control a process or machine.  17082021    . 

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