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Softbit Designs, New Delhi, India has launched a very powerful Electrical Panel Design Software Tool for electrical panel design and electrical panel costing, TThis Electrical Panel Design Software enables panel designers to instantly design LT panels and generate GA drawings, BOM/BOQ, estimation and costing, fabrication drawings, G-Code Program for CNC machines for cuttig doors and its accessory cut-outs. Electrical Panel Design Software is very beneficial for electrical engineers, panel board builders, electrical consultants and electrical & mechanical engineering students.

The electrical control panel design software generates General Arrangement - GA drawings, Estimation Sheets, Costing Detail Sheets, Bill of Materials - BOM, Bill of Quantity - BOQ, it generates dimensional and facbrication drawings of the panel, bus bar calculations, top busbar chamber, bottom busbar chamber, Draw Columns & add feeders and chambers, draw cable allay, bus bar risers. Electrical Panel Design Tool comes with built in (Optional) electrical Circuit Design Tool to draw any type of electrical schematic circuits, SLD - Single Line Diagram.

Electrical Panel Design Software is required to design industrial automation panels, process automation panels, machine automation panels. There are PLCs available in the market with a variety of I/Os and other features. So many big brands are manufacturing PLCs for PLC Based Control Panels. You can use Electrical Panel Design Software for designing your any panel. We can use PLC Control Panel for water management in water treatment plants, street light autmation, mast light automation, industrial machine automation, process automation. We can connect various inputs to PLC for processing and generating logical commands to control a process or machine.  

While designing an electrical panel maunaully you need to draw drawing using a CAD software. Everything is to be done manually. From drawing of feeders to calculating the size of feeders and final panel. Displaying of dimennsions, various switchgears and accessories in different feeders. This manual process is very tiresome and time consumimg. Electrical Panel Design Software is the best tool to overcome all above problems. Everything is automatic. Jsut add empty chambers/feeders, insert switchgears and accessories. Size if feeders and final panel is calculated automatically and displayed.

Electrical Panel Design Software for designing of LV panels. Electrical Panel Design Software can be used for designing and manufcaturing os industrial panels. Electrical Panel Design Software find its applications is designing outdoor feeder pillars and feeder panels for streel light control and mast light control. We can use Electrical Panel Design Software for design production line control panels having PLCs. This software , Electrical Panel Design Software is best solution for electrical panel builders, electrical consultants, electrical engineering students. Electrical Panel Design Software is a need of hour in the panel design industry. 

Electrical panels are used for the distribution of electricity within a premises or a specified area. Generally LT panels are used with a premises such as home, society, factory, hospitals, Shopping Malls, Theaters, office complex for distribution and control of electrical energy in the preises. An electrical panel consists of a metalic enclosure fitted with required switches, indicating devises, measuring devices. Electrical Panel Design Software is a tool to design all sorts of electrical panels. An electrical panel has bus bar chamber, feeder or chambers, risers and cable allays, base frame. Switchgears and accessories are fixed in the feeders or chambers. Vertical bus bar for switchgear connection are fixed in the risers, out going cables from switchgears are taken out from cable alley section for cnnecting loads. Base frame structure can be made of C- Channel Section or MS Sheet of 14 SWG. Softbit Electrical Panel Design Software is the best tool for all these tasks. Weight of all the sections and parts of the panel is calculates automatically by Electrical Panel Design Software. User just has to add the switchgears and accessories and sizes is calculated along with GA display on the screen. Weight of all the sections is displayed in the BOM and estimation report.  Electrical Panel Design Software is equipped with add on modules (optional) such as LV Panel Design Software, Electrical Circuit Draw Tool, ERP Solution For Panel Industry, Electrical Circuit Draw. The design tool has fascility to import circuit files in the panel modules so that pre-designed circuit plates can be added in the feeders and panels to save time.
Thes pre designed electrical plates once imported to the panel design add all the data of electrical components to the BOM and estimation & costing. Placement of components on base plate and doors is same as designed in the circuit draw mode. So Electrical Panel Design Software is a powerful panel design tool.

Electrical Panel Design Software has built in data base of top companies manufacturing switchgears like - various switches, ACBs, Change Over Switch, Isolator, Switch Fuse Unit etc.,. meters, indicators, relays, annunciators, fuses, neutral links, bus bars. User has the option to add more components in the existing library and add new library. One can edit the component data any time if required. You can delate the unwanted items from the data library.  In Softbit LT Electrical Panel Design Software tool you will find data libraries of L&T, C&S, ABB, Siemens, Scheinder, HPL, Vaishno, English Electric, EE, Pheonix, AE, Automatic Electric and many more. Still user has the option to add any number of new component libraries of his/her choice.

LT Electrical Panel Design Software also gives you the total weight of MS sheet used in enclosure, base frame, total weight of bus bars. This enbles you to calculate total panel weight for tranasportation purpose. Weight of panel is directly proportional to the size of the thickness of MS sheet used in doors, main frame structure, partitions, base frame etc,.  Size of MS sheet also helps in deciding the load bearing capacity of panel frame and structure that carries the total weight of switchgears, busbars, insulators, various accessories. Th size of sheet in terms of SWG can be modifies at any stage so as to change the load bearing capacity of panel structure.

Designer can add risers or dropper busbars or vertical busbar along each side of the feeder column. Designer can add only one riser either on left or right of the column or on both sides of the column. Its the choice of the panel designer to add riser on a specific location depending upon the design requirement. So LT Electrical Panel Design Software helps you to insert risers or cable allays as per your choice and requirements.

Once user inserts the GPRS enabled SIM card in the RTU, it starts sending the data to centralised  server for monitoring and generating reports from our website. User can also on\off the relays available in the RTUs from mobile phone which further if connected to any mechanical device or machine etc can switch them on/off  or start/stop.  Saturday. 25032023

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