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HT/LT Current Transformer Design
HT/LT CT Design Tool
LT Current Transformer Design Software, LT CT Design Tool, Low Tension CT Design Calculations, HT Current Transformer Design Software, HT CT Design Tool, High Tension CT Design Calculations.

Software To Design HT/LT CTs

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Now design your LT & HT Current Transformers with Softbit CT Design Software Tool. Just a few inputs and click. Your Design is ready. Still not satisfied with the output, change the inputs to match you requirements.

More About The  LT CT Design Software Tool
Design Software For HT Current Transformers

About A Current Transformer:
A CT or current transformer is used to measure the current flowing through an electrical systems say ac motors, transformers, panels and so on. In case where current flowing through the electrical system is high and continuous monitoring is required, CT or current transformers are used with the system. So CT design or current transformer design plays a very inportant role in the manufacture and and hence to measure the load current. CT or current transformers are further divided into two catagories viz., measuring CT or measuring current transformer and protection CT or protection current transformer. Class of accuracy of a CT or current transformer catagorises a CT or current transformer as measuring or protection. As CTs or current transformers are being an integral part of any electrical system today so CT or current transformers are required in abondance. So the CT design or current design software tool plays an important role in designing a good CT or current transformer.

CT Manufacturing:
CT or current transformers are manufactured according to system voltage also. In India there a so many companies who are manufacturing CTs or current transformers and supplying to state elctricity boards, panel builders, industries, test labs etc.,. AE, MECO, BENTEX are so of the brands manufacturing CT or current transformers in India.

Traditional Current Transformer Design / CT Design:
To design a traditional current transformer (CT) we need to know its VA rating and frequency at which it has to operate. By using our online web based tool you get all output parameters like secondary turns, wire size, accuracy, total losses, CT OD, ID and height as well as core area etc.,. You have the options to select core materials before proceeding for design. Save your design parameters and take a print out for distribution to in house departments.
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LT Current Transformer Design Software are used to detect the change in flow of current in an electric circuit or system. This change in current induces a varying emf in the CT or current transformer witch in turn is fed to a meter for converting the emf value in proportionate current or Ampere value. So a CT is always connected to measure electrical currents in a high value current carrying circuit. CTs are manufactured in different shapes to fix on a flate busbar, round cable, panel mount, air cooled, epoxy coated for high temperatures, round shaped CTs, rectangular shaped CTs. All the CTs use a single core laminations of specified width as calculated by the software and of required length. The thickness of the core lamination is selectable as per requirement. This core lamination is then rolled into a ring to make the final cross section area of ring as calculated by the software. The shape of the rolled lamination may be circular or square. Generally round shaped CTs are used with cables and square shaped are used with with busbars. The CTs  / current transformer may be hanging type or mounting type. In mounting type CTs  clamps are provided to fix the CTs on a base. The winding of CTs over the round shape or ring shaped core is done manually or with the help of special machines. WInding of CTs with machine is more easy and very safe. The load wire passing through the CT core acts as pripary winding. When a load current flows through this wire a varying electrostatic field is developed across the wire. In turn a varying electromagnetic field is develoed in the core of the CT. The frequency of the magnetic field is same as of primary conductor. An emf is induced in the secondary winding of the CT. The gause of secondary winding depends upon the rating ofthe CT and indused voltage and choosen  so that no voltage drop happens in the secondary winding. Else a drop factor has to be applied.  To be contibued... Our web SCADA software for car parking, gates and security is completely web based and requires no installation.

Transformer design software is a multiple utility tool to design different types of transformers. This Transformer design software can design HT Transformers, LT Transformers, Control Transformers, generators transformers, solar panel step up transformers, current transformers. Transformer design software generates winding data, reports, core charts, tank design, estimation costing. Transformer design software can help the engineering students to learn design of various types of transformers. Transformer manufcatures find  this Transformer design software as a key design tool.

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