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Control Transformer Design Software

Design Power Supply Transofrmers, Servo Transformer, Buck & Boost Transformers, Auto Transformers, Isolation Transformer, Step Up Transformers, Step Down Transformers. Softbitonline has various modules to design your LV/LT electrical control and auxiliary transformers for use in power supplies and low voltage electric control circuits.

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More About The  LV/LT Control Transformer Design
  1. Design control and auxillairy LV transformers from 25mA to 500A using our different control transformer design modules.

  2. Set primary and secondary voltage from 1.5 VAC to 1000 VAC

  3. Set your desired current density for primary winding and secondary winding. Though default is set for a specific conductor type .

  4. Select conductor type - round winding conductor or flat winding conductor
  5. Select conductor type Cu (Copper winding conductor) or Al (Aluminum winding conductor)

  6. Set the desired core Flux density. Though default value is set.

  7. Auto selected core-lamination number from the built-in core 'EI' lamination library. Still you are free to switch over to any other core number of your choise as per your design requirements and specifications. For higher rating transformers customized core laminations can be designed.

  8. Auto calculated conductor diameter and SWG selected from the built-in library. You can change the gause/SWG by changing the current density of the conductor.

  9. Manual and Auto design options. You get a detailed design in auto mode. Print the output data sheets for winding calculation data, core data, costing details.

  10. Not satisfied with the auto-calculated output data, change the stack height to get your modified results.

  11. Set insulation between core and primary winding, primary and secondary winding.
  12. Set various gaps between windings and core and windings.

  13. Set safety factor, efficiency as desired

  14. Save your design and edit it any tme later on

  15. Design small control and auxilliary transformers, buck & boost transformers for servo applications

  16. Print all above through your printer directly or generate PDFs

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Various Available Modules
 Package Details Pay in
Pay in
1LV Control Transformer Design Software
25 mA to 10 A, Upto 500 VAC, Single Phase
Module Code: CNT10A

Single License Cost @ Rs.14,500/- + GST @18%

INR 17110

USD 235
2LV Control Transformer Design Software
25 mA to 100 A, Upto 500 VAC, Single & Three Phase
Module Code: CNT100

Single License Cost @ Rs.21,500/- + GST @18%

INR 25370

USD 348
3LV Control Transformer Design Software
25 mA to 500 A, Upto 500 VAC, Single & Three Phase
Module Code: CNT500

Single License Cost @ Rs.32,500/- + GST @18%

INR 38350

USD 525

We design and develop software packages for all types of low voltage transformer and high voltage transformer like control tranformer design calculation solutions, LV auxilliary transformer design software packages, LT control and auxilliary transformer data sheets.

Our LV/LT control and auxilliary transformer software design packages are widely being used in manucacturing industries and technical colleges and training institues by engineering students. Every electrcal circuit, electrcal and electronic device need a power supply and LV electric transformer is a necessity. So there is a wide scope for LV electrical control & auxiliary transformer design and manufacturing. LT electrical control transformer consists of core laminations of very this sheets to minimize heat generation. LT electrical control transformer uses copper winding wire and also LT electrical control transformer use aluminum conductor. LT electrical control transformer has two windings - primary winding and secondary winding. LT electrical control transformer has paper insulation between the windings. LT electrical control transformer are immersed in insulating varnish to protect the windings from moisture ans vibrations. LT electrical control transformer this way does not get heated up. LT electrical control transformer has increased life this way.

LV auxiliary transformer is designed and manufactured as per client requirements and site load conditions. Design calulations of a LV auxiliary transformer depends at what rating it has to operate. LV auxiliary transformer are generally desined taking into consideration the operation of LV auxiliary transformer whether it has to work continuouly or interminent. Always select best core with low core loss while designing a LV auxiliary transformer as the LV auxiliary transformer will get heated up and burn out if core laminations with high loss are us

Control transformer design software has wide applications. This Control transformer design software can be used to design LT electrical Control transformer. It has untility in designing isolation transformers, single phase transformers. Control transformer design software is very much useful in designing three phase LT transformers. Other uses of LV electrical Control transformer design software are to design and calculate data sheets for servo transformers, auto transformers. Buck and boost transformers for servo applications can be easily designed using Softbit Control transformer design software. This Control transformer design software has been developed by Softbit group company, Softbit Designs, New Delhi, India.

A transformer is a static electrical machine. LT Transformers are used for step up and step down voltage applications. There are various types of design configuration of transformers depending upon the applications of LT control transformers. For electronic PCB circuit power supply you can design low rating LT transformers using Softbit LT control panel design software. You can design 0 - 1.5VAC @ 100mA LV transformer. You can also design LT isolation transformers with LT control transformer design software, Our design software packages are well equipped with built in symbol libraries for drawing any type of electrical circuit. Create your own symbols, save the electrical symbols, use these symbols when ever you need.  12082021


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