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HT Transformer Design Software

Softbitonline has various modules to design your HT/LT  transformers for use in power generation systems and distribution networks.

More About The  HT/LT Transformer Design Solutions
  1. Design HT Power & Distribution transformers from 10 to 10000 KVA using our different HT transformer design modules.

  2. Set HT and LT voltage from 100 VAC to 35000 VAC

  3. Set your desired current density for primary winding and secondary winding. Though default is set for a specific conductor type .

  4. Select conductor type - round winding conductor or flat winding conductor

  5. Select conductor type Cu (Copper winding conductor) or Al (Aluminum winding conductor)

  6. Set the desired core Flux density. Though default value is set.

  7. Auto selected core-lamination number from the built-in core 'EI' lamination library. Still you are free to switch over to any other core number of your choise as per your design requirements and specifications. For higher rating transformers customized core laminations can be designed.

  8. Auto calculated conductor diameter and SWG selected from the built-in library. You can change the gause/SWG by changing the current density of the conductor.

  9. Manual and Auto design options. You get a detailed design in auto mode. Print the output data sheets for winding calculation data, core data, costing details.

  10. Not satisfied with the auto-calculated output data, change the stack height to get your modified results.

  11. Set insulation between core and primary winding, primary and secondary winding.
  12. Set various gaps between windings and core and windings.

  13. Set safety factor, efficiency as desired

  14. Save your design and edit it any tme later on

  15. Design small control and auxilliary transformers, buck & boost transformers for servo applications

  16. Print all above through your printer directly or generate PDFs

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Various Available Modules
 Package Details Pay in
Pay in
1 HT Distribution Transformer Design Software
10 - 2000 KVA @ 11/0.433kV, 3 Phase
Module Code: D02MVA

Single License Cost @ Rs.37,500/- + GST @18%

INR 44250

USD 625
2HT Power Transformer Design Software
10 - 5000 KVA @ 33/11/0.433, 3 Phase
Module Code: P05MVA

Single License Cost @ Rs.52,500/- + GST @18%

INR 61950
USD 850
3HT Power Transformer Design Software
10 - 10000 KVA @ 33/22/11/0.433/0.250, 1 & 3 Phase
Module Code: P10MVA

Single License Cost @ Rs.1,25,000/- + GST @18%

INR 147500
USD 2100

Factors controlling and affecting the design of a transformer: Principle of operation of a transformer "A transformer is a static machine which works on the principle of mutual induction. HT/LT Distribution Transformer Design Software Solution. When a coil is placed in the vicinity of an other coil, an emf if generated in the coil with the change in rate of magnetic flux associated around the other coil." HT/LT Power Transformer Design Software Calculations. So all the transformer whether a distribution transformer, power transformer, stepup transformer, stepdown transformer, auto transformer, furnance transformer, induction transformer, rectifier transformer,power supply transformer, auxillary transformer, control transformer, audio transformer, frequency transformer, EHT transformer, oil filled transformer, dry type transformer, current transformer, potential transformer, copper transformer, aluminium transformer, off load transformer and on load transformer all work upon the above said principle of operation of a transformer. HT/LT Furnance  Transformer Design Software Solution with electrical data sheets. The magnetizing core is a very essential part of a transformer. To get the preliminary dimensions of transformer core we first need to know the specifications of a transformer like - type of transformer (a number of transformer types are mentioned above), rating of transformer in KVA, number of phases of transformer, rated voltage for primary winding of transformer and secondary winding of transformer, the operating frequency of transformer, the vector group of transformer, short circuit impedence of transformer, no load losses of transformer, load losses of transformer, tapping requirements for transformer. HT/LT Power & Distribution Transformer Design Software with Tank Design, Radiator Calculations, Conservator Tank Design, Oil calculation, isolation transformers, earthing transformers, rectifier  transformers. Transformer design consultatnts and HT transformer manufacturers are using our transformer design software packages.

The dimensions of the core of transformer are closely connected with the dimensions of other transformer parts like winding of transformer. The emf per turn of a transformer is one of the most important values defining not only the dimensions of a transformer, but the number of transformer winding turns too. This also influences the value of transformer short circuit impedence, the transformer weight and transformer losses etc.,. Thetransformer design flux density in a transformer leg depends upon the grade of CRGO core laminations that would be used in the transformer manufacture. For transformer core grades M2 to M6, the transformer design flux density is taken between 1.5 Tesla to 1.7 Tesla.  

A transformer is an electrical machine which works on the law of electromegnetic induction. Transformers are used to step up  and  step down the voltage. A HT Transformer has two main windings - HT winding and LT windings. HT winding is connected with the high tension input supply and LT winding gives low tension output for connecting with the load.. This type of HT Transformer is called step down HT Transformer. HT Transformer Design Software can be used to design Step down HT transformer. You just need to input a few parameters and you get detailed design output for HT winding data, LT winding data, core lamination chart and tank details. Softbitonline HT Transformer Design Software Tool is very useful for designing HT Transformers.

With switching to electric vehicles or battery operated vehicles from diesel or petrol we are heading towards greener atmosphere by reducing the air pollution. Many auto manufacturers have come forward to bring in the market their own brand of electric vehicle. They are coming with various variants.  This will require a lot of EV charging stations. An EV charging station has a charging hardware which  operates on 230VAC. The control of this EV chargers is through an app. Client can pay the amount to use this charging facility. Once the payment is received by the server the charging starts automatically for a pre defined time or amount of energy. After the charging process the EV systems stops automatically. Client can use check the status of his/her battery through the app. A GPRS communication is provided to send the data to a central server.  

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