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PLC Automation Panel Design
PLC Control Panel Design
Programable Logic Controller Panel Design
Industrial Automation Panel Design

PLC: PLC stands for programable logic controller. Basically this is an electronic circuit/device which has a microcontroller that can be programmed to execute desired opeartion. Logics are set depending upon the functions required to opearte in built micro relays. These micro relays receive command signals from microcontroller. The microcontroller operates upon getting inputs from external devices like sensors, timers, analog inputs, digital inputs, MODBUS signals. Signals received through external devices are processed by the micro controller based upon the pre defined logics and in turn the micro controller operates the inbuilt micro relays which in turn opeartes control and power circuit to run a process or machine.

A variety of PLCs are available depending upon the complexcity of logics and applications, with one, two or multiple inputs, with single and multiple outputs. The output may be digital, analog or RS485. Today PLC Control Panels are back bone of any manufacturing & processing inductry.

A panel using a PLC is called a PLC Based Panel or PLC Control Panel or PLC Automation Panel or Industrial AUtomation Panel. PLC Panel Design plays a very important role in performing various logical functions  that controll the plant and machinery in any industr.

PLC Panel Design or PLC Automation Panel Design is the basic need of hour. It has huge potential in terms of revenue generation. A design engineer can opt for PLC panel design, PLC automation panel design or PLC control panel design. A PLC programmer can do the logical part of the PLC Panel Design, PLC Control Panel Design, PLC Automation Panel Deisgn.

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PLC Panel Design
1 LT Electrical Panel Design Software
Approx. Cost @ USD 300 per licese
Single License @ Rs.19,750/- + GST @18%  (Rs.23,305/-)
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PLC Panel Design requires a good skills to choose a PLC to perform specific functions depending upon the processing requirments. PLC panels can be used to control electric motors, transformers, dg sets, turbines, solar panels and various other machines. PLC control panels are used in pharmeceutical industry, cement industry, food industry, telecommunication industry. You can any every industry has PLC control panels to perform various functions and control process. A PLC is programmed to execute various functions depending upon the process and machine requirements.

And the excess generated energy can be supplied to grid. This export of energy can earn money for you. You get free energy for your personal use as well for sale also. This is green energy so no pollution of any kind. A net meter can be installed for record of import and export of energy to take care of commercial part

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