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Software Packages

HT Transformer Design Software:
With this transformer design software package you can design single phase & three phase HT Transformers - oil type and dry type. You can choose a module to design from 10kVA to 10000kVA @ 33/22/11/6.6/3.3/0.433/0.250kV. Customization is also done as per client requirements. Best package for manufactureres, designers and engineering colleges. More...
Control Transformer Design Software:
Design your control transformers with this tool in minutes. You can design LT contorl transformers, buck & boost transformers for servos, auto transformers, single phase and three phase transformers with control transformer design tool. Available from 25mA to 10 Amps. Cutomization can be done on request for higher ratings to meet your requirements & specifications. More...
+ GST @18%
LV Panel Board Design Software:
We call it LV Panel board Estimator also as you get estimation and costing details of a panel instantly while you are desiging your electrical panel. You also get BOM,GA Drawings, SLD, Bus Bar Details, Panel Fabrication Drawings & Details. With panel design tool - Designing a small DB, Power Control Center (PCC), Motor Control Center (MCC), Control Panel, Feeder Pillar is very simple and a few clicks jobs accomplished in minutes. More...

+ GST @18%
 Electrical Circuit Design Software:
Now you can draw and design your schematic electrical circuits , SLD - Single Line Diagram very easily using our Electrical Circuit Design Software Tool. With this design tool you can draw any type of electrical circuit using drawing tool and inbuilt electrical symbol library. Draw shapes like - lines, rectangles, circles, triangles, polygons and insert electrical symbols to design your electrical circuit. More...
  Electrical Symbol Creator:
If yoy an electrical consultant, electrical panel builder, PLC control panel manufacturer then this Electrical Symbol Creator & Design Too is very useful for you. Now design and create your own electrical symbols, mechanical parts for your panel drawings, electrical circuit design, siingle line drawings. Design once and use these electrical symbol forever. You can adit and modify these any time. More
Current Transformer Design Software: To be launched soon...  Buy Now  
AC Electric Motor Design Software Tool: To be launched soon...  Buy Now
Integrated ERP Solution For DesignCPackages : To be launched soon...  Buy Now  

Softbitonline has been into the development of electrical and mechanical machine design software packages for the last 20 years. We have supplied the machine design software packages for HT power transformers, HV distribution transformers, LV or low voltage control transformers, electrical panels design, electrical panel estimator, CT design, ERP solution for strore management & inventory management. Manufacturig industries, Engineering colleges, Govt. & Pvt sector industries are using our machine design packages. We alsodevelop customized software packages to design any electrical and mechanical machine as per user requirements. We are a professionally managed company with qualified engineers and experienced developers. Our engineers have a vast practical experience on electrical machine operation to help the development team with technical inputs.

Softbit electrical machine design software packages or design calculation solutions are widely being used word over in manufacturing units and technical institutes by engineering students. Our guides have worked with their own hands in manufacturing industries such as HT/LT power & distribution transformers, electrical panel boards, electrical control panels, electrical distribution boards, electric power control centers, motor control centers.

LT electrical panel design software is used to design all types of LT electrical control panels, LT distribution panel boards, LV power control centers, LT motor control centers. LT electrical panel board consists of MS sheet metal enclosure, duly processed and painted. LT electrical panel board design software covers  switchgeras like ACBs, MCBs, MCCBs, Isolators, SFUs, COS etc. LT electrical panel board design software has built in accessory libraries of different companies. One can select the component from the library and insert in the design as required. LT electrical panel board design software is very useful solution in designing a panel within minutes and generating the data sheets. 

LV Panel Board Design & Estimator Software is a multifunction product. With this LV electrical control panel board design software solution while designing your panel you get General Arrangement (GA) drawing of the panel. This GA drawing is generated automatically when you add feeders and chambers to your design. When you insert the switchgear the feeder resets its size and dimensions as per the swithgear inserted. Dimensions of panel are calculated automatically taking into consideratio size width, height and depth of switchgear, various clearances and displayed along side the panel. You can change the dimensions of the panels by modifying the clearances - left clearance, right clearance, top clearance and bottom clearance. In GA drawing you see the top view of electrical control panel,front view of the electrical control panel and front view of the eleectrical control panel. You can add 10 feeders/chambers in a column and maximum five columns in a panel. The dimensions of the feeder of LV electrical control panel board can be set in the default values so that when ever you design an electrical control panel board it dispalys the same size of the feeder/chamber as you have set in the defaut. But still you have the options to modify this feeder size any time after completion of the design. You can insert accessories in the feeder from the built in library. The accessories like indicators, voltmeters, ammeters are placed vertically aligned with the switchgear. Accessories are automaticall placed in multiple rows. You can set the left, top and middle gaps of accessories as per your design requirements. Cut-outs of these added accessories are created automatically.

Softbit, Delhi, India develoed this software package keeping in mind its user friendlyness, ease of use for all electrical panel builders, designers and consultants. This LT electrical control panel design software solution has MS excel based data base library of various branded companies. User can easily add and modify switchgear and accessory data in the component library with the help of a very user friendly interface. User can add as many excel sheets as required to make it more powerful software as the backbone of the LT electrical panel design software package is its strong data base. Electrical panel board designers, consultacnts, training institutes, manufacturers will find this electrical control panel design tool very useful and effective. You can design any complicated panel board with in 10 to 20 minutes. The component library contains all the information about the electrical switchgear and accessories like its catalog number, electrical properties, dimensions, clearances, pricing, handle location. All these properties and values are required to get the final size of electrical panel board and its costing.

This panel design software has a Template interface so that you can store accessory data in a template file for use in other designs. This is very useful feauure of the LT electrical control panel board design software as you can store the data in a file and give it a name. In any other design you load the Template interface select the desired template file, copy the data and paste it in the specific feeder. This way lot of time is saved for searching and adding the required data from the component library. You can store data in different files by giving them a specific name like - DOL, Start-Deta, PF Controller and so.

LT Electrical Panel Board Design Software is a Softbitonlibe Group Presentation. This panel design tool is very much helpful for electrical consultants, electrical control panel builders, electrical PLC base panel board manufacturers, electrical engineering students, mechanical engineering students. It can easily be learnt and used to draw any type of LT Electrical Control Panel Boards for industries, commercial buildings, residencial complexs and industries. You instantly get GA drawing, bus bar details, estimation costing, single line diagram using our LT Electrical Panel Board Design Software Tool. This tool is also equipped (optional) to draw any type of electrical schematic circuits for PLC control panels. Design MCC, PCC, Feeder Pillars for outdoor installations, PLC Control Panels using our LT Electrical Control Panel Design Software.

With switching to electric vehicles or battery operated vehicles from diesel or petrol we are heading towards greener atmosphere by reducing the air pollution. Many auto manufacturers have come forward to bring in the market their own brand of electric vehicle. They are coming with various variants.  This will require a lot of EV charging stations. An EV charging station has a charging hardware which  operates on 230VAC. The control of this EV chargers is through an app. Client can pay the amount to use this charging facility. Once the payment is received by the server the charging starts automatically for a pre defined time or amount of energy. After the charging process the EV systems stops automatically. Client can use check the status of his/her battery through the app. A GPRS communication is provided to send the data to a central server.  Friday, 30 July 2019 (July Thirty, Two Thousand Twenty One) Indian Standard Time 12:43 PM, Phase-III.

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